Classification and prioritization.

The task of the initial examination is: to determine the category of violation in accordance with the essence of the event; making a decision on the priority of consideration of the notification in accordance with the degree of danger of the violation inherent in the risk; preparation of the message for the next actions of triage. For the next triage steps, it is necessary that the message or attached files contain enough information to: understand the essence of the event - what happened ?; correctly identify the scene or at least the unit to which the information relates; find out the period or time interval of the event.

Categories of violations
Violations can be classified by an analyst, supervisor or case manager. Identify the category of violation according to the explanations in the table: Cat...
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How select or change the violation category and case priority?
To select or change the violation category: Open the message; In the left side navigation menu, go to "Messages"; In the case attributes ...
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How choice of priority depending on risk?
P Name of priority Degree of risk impact Response rate Response time Extreme Direct threat to human life and health T...
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Response time
Depending on the selected priority, the system automatically applies the scheduled response period and calculates how many days are left until the deadline....
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How change the location of the event?
If necessary, the analyst or supervisor can change the location of the event erroneously indicated by the informant.
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