Name of priority

Degree of risk impact

Response rate Response



Direct threat to human life and health

Threat to the existence of business or assets

Immediate. As soon as possible

<24 hours

Very important

Immediately applies to the company's top management

Financial losses are calculated in millions

Significant market loss

Negative coverage in national and international media

Affects the interests of the team

Urgently. At the first opportunity.

<15 days


Financial losses are estimated in the hundreds of thousands

Threat to reputation at the local level

Problems with the regulator

Indirect threat to human health

Affects the interests of a large number of employees


<20 days


Financial losses unknown or less than UAH 300 thousand

Insignificant reputational risks

Not relevant to the regulator

No threat to human life and health

Affects the interests of only some employees

Within reasonable limits.

<30 days

Not defined