Violations can be classified by an analyst, supervisor or case manager.

Identify the category of violation according to the explanations in the table:

Categories of violations


Threats or violations in the field of labor protection, human health and safety

or the environment


Environmental protection, human health and safety

Behavior, actions or policy decisions that do not comply local, regional, or federal environmental, health, or safety laws or regulations, or may result in potentially hazardous circumstances that adversely affect the environment, health, or safety of employees, customers, or others. .


Threats and physical violence

Statements or actions that involve the threat of physical violence or the possession of weapons, firearms, ammunition, explosives or incendiary devices in the workplace, on the premises of the organization or in official vehicles.


Alcohol and drug abuse

Illicit use, storage, trafficking, transfer to others, distribution, concealment, transportation or manufacture of illicit narcotic, toxic, or narcotic substances or objects used for drug use in the workplace or in the performance of work responsibilities.


Abuse, corruption or

misappropriation of assets


Conflict of interest

Any financial interest, any business or professional activity preceding or current work, or any obligation that may impede the conscientious performance of duties or undermine independence and objectivity.



Unauthorized movement or misappropriation of inventories, furniture, real estate, cash, goods or other tangible property.



Improper, unauthorized or unlicensed use of property or funds not related to the activities of the organization or for improper purposes, including abuse of systems and time.


Gifts, bribes and kickbacks

Payments, in-kind payments, gifts, bribes, loans or benefits or loans or benefits from customers, employees, suppliers, manufacturers, competitors, directors and other officials, auditors, civil servants or organizations, or others parties who are not illegally, improperly or for the purpose of influencing business decisions or political processes.


Agreements using inside information The

purchase or sale of shares or other securities using inside information and data obtained in the course and as a result of work, or providing such information to another person who acquires or sells shares or other securities using such information.


Forgery or destruction of information

Statements or actions aimed at or leading to unlawful, untimely, erroneous or intentional distortion, concealment or destruction of information for the purpose of deception or misleading.


Espionage and sabotage

Actions that result in the collection or retrieval of inside confidential information or secrets of competitors' production for the purpose of gain or competitive advantage, or the deliberate destruction, decommissioning or other damage to a competitor's equipment or other property for competitive gain or benefits.


Injustice, harassment or discrimination against employees



Statements or actions that are not harassing but may be considered inappropriate in the workplace.


Unfair treatment of employees

Decisions, actions or disciplinary sanctions that are considered unfair, whether they are the result of established productivity or changes in commercial necessity, or other work-related decisions.



Statements or actions, interpreted as discrimination on the basis of age, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, sex, physical incapacity or religion, and are carried out as part of decision-making procedures on employment, promotion or remuneration.


Harassment in the Workplace

Repetitive statements, behaviors, or actions that are undesirable, degrading, offensive, or frightening and create an unpleasant or hostile atmosphere.


Sexual harassment

Expressions or actions that have the character of unwanted sexual innuendos, requests for sexual intercourse, unmotivated physical contact or suggestions by the victim, unwanted flirtation, offensive verbal or visual cues, or physical contact of a sexual nature.


Revenge, harassment of persons

who have reported violations



Statements or actions made for the purpose of dismissal, demotion, removal from office or containing threats of a harassing or discriminatory nature against an employee in connection with any -which lawful action, committed by such an employee, in order to report a violation of a law or policy, file a complaint or provide assistance to the investigation or trial.


Other Violations


Inadequate Accounting, Auditing, or Distortion of Any Other Significant Reporting

Statements or actions that violate or contradict the organization's internal policies, procedures, or practices for conducting detailed reporting activities or government regulations. about the financial position or financial transactions of the organization or the study, verification or correction of the financial documentation of the organization.


Violations of consumer rights

Statements or actions that adversely affect or interfere with customers, customer relations or the conclusion of agreements with customers.


Disclosure of Confidential Information

Unauthorized or illegal disclosure, copying, reproduction, misuse or disclosure of confidential or personal information, including, but not limited to, employment, financial status, medical and health information, customer lists, contracts, business plans, personal files of employees or other types of property, marked or generally recognized as confidential or as secrets of production.


Antitrust or dishonest business practices

Negotiating or concluding agreements with competitors on credit prices or terms, applying for contracts or commercial offers, allocating market shares or customers, restricting production or distribution, or boycotting suppliers or customers that would lead to monopolization market or reduced market competition.


Quality control

Complaints about the quality or efficiency of products or services; accusations of damage to goods; violation of production management policies and rules; allegations of non-compliance with the specifications of the products or services provided.



Statements, actions or policies that apply to a person who has made a statement but have not yet caused harm, damage or corporate liability, and do not fall into any of the other categories.


Request for additional information


Request for additional information

Request advice, clarification or other information on legislation, regulations or policies.