1. In the Control Dashboard Use the filters to select the case that needs the most attention and go to it.


2. Read the initial message. If there is not enough information - stop the review and ask additional questions.

3.  If there is enough information - select the category of the violation, determine the priority and appoint a responsible case manager.


4. Generate a case team in the "Involved" tab. 

5. Download the workflow in the "Tasks" tab and/or create and delegate your tasks to team members.


6. In "Case Files", create and properly classify plots to record certain operational activities or to describe the evidence you attach to the case. Record possible violators and witnesses.


7. In the Facts section, record the facts found and the hypotheses formed. Connect the facts with the materials (documents and evidence), as well as with each other.


8. At the end of the investigation, form the team conclusions and enter it in the appropriate form. Identify the wrongdoers and recommend the disciplinary actions, and then submit the case to management.


9. Record the decision made by management and notify the informant.

10. Make sure you have received positive feedback from the informant on how his or her problem has been resolved and close the case.