When a user is blocked?

If the user entered the password incorrectly THREE times, the system locks him automatically.

Automatic blocking is warned by a corresponding message above the login field.

When blocking, the system automatically sends unblocking messages to the user's mail.

Follow the link. You will be unblocked automatically.

Enter your correct username and password on the page.

Forgot your password?

If you cannot remember your password, contact the administrator responsible for the system in your organization.

For security reasons, self-service password recovery by users is disabled.

Forgotten password recovery

One more time. Users can only unblock themselves, but if the wrong password is entered again, the account will be blocked again.

Users cannot recover the forgotten password on their own - contact your administrator for setting you a temporary password.

If the administrator sets a new password, it will not work until the user unlocks his account on his own.

If you don't receive a letter to unblock your account?

First, check if the email got into spam.

Then, try asking the email again by clicking on the link below the login button.

Enter your username and click on the button to re-request the activation letter.