• See the state of affairs, the timeliness of response to the message.

  • Assess the complexity of the current situation depending on the priority of cases.

  • Filter selected items.

  • See the distribution of cases by priority

Setting filters

Click on the graphic elements that interest you. Your selection will be immediately displayed in the context bar of the filter combination next to "General Statistics".


Resetting filters

Click the Cross icon in the context bar that shows the selected filter combination.

Total active reports- the number of open cases to which the user has access.

Healthy - messages in which the deadline for response has not yet come and there is still time to consider - these are messages that are all right.

Expiring - notifications with less than 5 days left until the deadline for response. You should pay more attention to these messages in order to have time to respond.

Expired - messages in which the deadline for response has already expired. Such cases must be dealt with first and foremost.