After contacting Ethicontrol, each informant receives a unique secret code of the message. 

This code is an access code to the informant's web office and a password for anonymous access to the information on the message through the contact centre.

When entering the web account, you can see:

  • details of the primary message;
  • the status of processing your message;
  • questions and comments on your message from the reaction team;
  • the estimated date of the next feedback or change in the status of message processing.

All this information is available by phone if calling the hotline and giving the secret code of the message.

The system automatically monitors any changes in the message status and generates automatic notifications which immediately appear in the informant's web office.

If you identified yourself and left your contact information (email, phone), Ethicontrol sends you a notification by email or SMS with an invitation to visit the web account to get feedback. If you indicated the possibility of receiving calls by phone, then when feedback appears, the operators of the contact centre will call you.