Ethicontrol processes your messages at a glance.

Thus, adjusted for the speed of communication, your message automatically goes to the desktop of the responsible person in the company within 2-5 minutes. Further, it all depends on the speed of the reaction team and the preciseness of your message.

The first clarifying questions may arise within 72 hours.

If the information is sufficient for investigation, the reaction team may take 3-15 business days to process the message. Accordingly, the first conclusions and results should be expected within 30 days after the registration of the message.

Of course, the cases differ, and especially complex incidents can require detailed investigations that can last several months and can also include dozens of iterations of communication between the informant and the response team.

Typically, companies will establish their own reaction procedures using or modifying our typical process.

Regardless of the specifics of the company, Ethicontrollers believe that any message should be processed and resolved no longer than two months after its registration.