In short, Ethicontrol knows about the company only what it is allowed to know about itself.

Once again, Ethicontrol has no right to spread ANY information about the company, including the very fact of using the service without the written permission of the company.

More broadly, we should start with the very definition of "know" - let's understand this as an opportunity to register information, save and accumulate it, as well as the ability to duplicate it later, apply, use or distribute.

Accordingly, when we talk about registration or obtaining information - Ethicontrol receives general information about the company when registering and signing a service agreement. Such information includes name, organizational form, tax and bank details, contact persons, means of communication, address, location and name of organizational units, names and grounds for actions of the authorized management, as well as names and email addresses of users of the web system on behalf of companies.

Further, Ethicontrol's contact center receives information about the incidents that caused the concern of the informants. It contains the type of incident, what happened and when, who is to blame, who is the witness, who is the victim, and so on. This information passes through us, but we do not "remember" it.
It is due to the fact that any information which passed through the website or contact center goes directly to the database that belongs to your company.

"Directly" means that it is not registered or saved anywhere else. We only keep general information about the time and duration of the contact, the type and number of the incident, as well as the unique code of the informant.
Also, for information security reasons, we are implementing several measures to exclude the possibility of storing even a bit of confidential information. See the FAQ section for details.

We do not have permanent access to the database, and if maintenance is required, such access occurs after agreement with the company and under the supervision of its technical specialists. At the same time, the system records any requests for data access, and it is easy to check us.
The storage of your data in the company's database is organized under the requirements of the legislation of the relevant jurisdiction.

Thus, we do not have information about the company or events indicated in the reports of informants, and we only know what we are allowed to know.