P - short for "Priority" - the colour is a priority.

Number - case number. The flight number is assigned by the system automatically. The first two digits indicate the category. The last digits are the ordinal number in the system within the category.

If the number is indicated as ХХХХХ - it means that the message has no number. In order for the system to assign a number, the message must be processed for sufficiency and categorized.

Category - category of violation - classification of the incident on the basis of violation of policies and procedures of the company. The category of violation may be assigned for the first time by an informant or an employee of the contact centre. The category can then be changed by an analyst or system supervisor. The manager or other users cannot change the category.

Responsible - responsible for the case - the case manager, who is appointed responsible for verifying and investigating information from the message. The leader of the case team.

Status - case status - the current status of the flight in the system.

Channel - the communication channel through which the message was registered. The channel is determined by the system automatically. None of the system users can change the message registration channel.

Place - scene - the division of the company in which the incident occurred, which is reported. The scene was specified by the informant or determined by system users.

Date - the date of the initial registration of the message in the system. No user of the system can change the registration date.

There are days left - the time left until the deadline for response to the case. Calculated as the difference with the current date.