Adding and changing case figures

  • Figures are any persons who are or have been involved in the case in the past, as witnesses, team members were members of the team, or received information about the case: 

  • Invitee - a person who is temporarily given the role of system user in order to perform certain tasks. The invitee's access rights are limited to only reading the provided Task and related Documents. The invitee can create Documents and Facts, as well as comment on or change the status of the Task.

  • Notified - a person who has been notified by the system about the availability of the case and / or some other details of it. A Notified Person does not have access to the case by default.

  • Witness - is a person without access to the system, but is a witness to a particular case.

  • A probable offender is a person that the case team views as one or the main perpetrator of the violation that is the subject of the case.

The Case Manager or Coordinator can add case subjects.

Go to the Involved section of the side navigation menu and select the Alleged wrongdoer's submenu.

Find the type of figurehead you want and click on the small plus card.

If you want to add a person who is not in the drop-down lists, you can enter their name in the input field and add them as a new person. You must enter the last name first, then the first name.

For example Petrov Ivan.

After that, he will appear in the list of figurants. If you have specified a case team member or invitee in this way, he will not be able to log in until the Administrator does not activate access.

To delete:

  • Navigate to the wrongdoer's card;

  • Move the cursor to the upper right corner and click the "Delete" icon.