Facts registration

Every member of the case team can create facts.

Only the user who created the fact can change/edit it, or the case manager or system administrator.

Go to the Facts section of the side navigation menu. You will see the Facts Tree.

Click the "Add" button at the top right.

In the fact card that opens, fill in the required fields.

In the "Tasks" field, link the fact from the Tasks of this document / whether to find it out.

The field "Involved" should contain the persons directly related to the fact, i.e. either the object or the subject. You should also note the persons involved in the text of the fact. The persons involved can be selected from the drop-down list.

The field "Case files" provides that the fact is confirmed by the available files in the system. The material can be selected from the drop-down list.

To complete the creation, click the "Save" button.

Immediately after saving the fact, its card will be enriched with the content of other attributes - additional fields for its further evaluation.

Fact evaluation

A fact that has not been evaluated for credibility is a hypothesis and cannot be taken into account in drawing conclusions.

Direction of the fact - means the logical relation of this fact to the main accusation / incident, is the subject of the investigation.

Fact confirms - means that this fact confirms the existence of the events and the validity of the circumstances that were stated in the incident report.

A fact that disproves - denies the possibility of the existence of the event or circumstances of the incident is the subject of an investigation.

The credibility of a fact is the consistency of factual data with reality as a result of a thorough examination of the evidence and its sources. Credibility is the correspondence to the reality of the information obtained from the materials proving the fact.

Verified fact - the events and circumstances described by the fact are likely to have occurred because there is sufficient evidence, such as must be admitted, to prove the existence of the fact. The fact is supported by other facts and the direction of all dependent facts is the same.

An unreliable fact - the evidence is insufficient or insufficient to unequivocally and unequivocally state the reality of the events the fact describes. The fact is not supported by other facts.

To put your judgment in evaluating a fact, click the appropriate icons on the fact card.

Fact patterning

The facts themselves mean nothing unless logical connections are established between them.

Fact analysis involves building a fact tree that reflects the connections between the facts and confirms or disproves the main accusation/incident is the subject of the investigation.

Only a case manager and a user with coordinator privileges can structure the facts.

Drag a fact in relation to another to establish a relationship.