Creating and delegating tasks

A Сase manager or Сoordinator can delegate tasks.

Tasks can only be delegated within a single case. Accordingly, delegated tasks must only relate to a case.

You can delegate one task only to one user.

  1. Go to the Tasks section in the side navigation menu.
  2. Download multiple tasks at once by clicking "Download Task Program".
    • Or create a new task by clicking the "Add" button.

  1. In the task card, write what you want to do in the field with the appropriate name.
  2. In the "Assigned to" field, select the performer from the drop-down list of the case team.
  3. In the "Due Date" field, specify the desired date.
  4. If possible, fill in the rest of the "Facts" and "Documents" attributes.
  5. Click the "Save" button to commit your changes.

After saving the task:

  • a comment field appears in the task card for discussing the task between the users involved

  • the user responsible - the performer receives an email about a new task;

  • the performer receives access rights to the materials and facts that were associated with the task in the task card;

  • the task appears in the task table of the performer and the author of the task.