By default, only a Coordinator can send a report to an investigation.

A prerequisite for starting an investigation is the presence of:

  • the category of violation and, accordingly, the case number;

  • the person in charge of the case

  • the priority of the case.

To begin an investigation:

  1. Check if the case category is correct;

  2. Verify that the case is prioritized correctly;

  3. Select and assign a case manager

  4. Download action program;

  5. Add a task outside the action program;

  6. Leave comments for the team, if necessary;

  7. Submit case for review and investigation

Open the case and go to the Report section on the side navigation menu.

Navigate to the case attributes area.

Select the priority, category, and assign the message as recommended in the "Classification and Prioritization" section

Go below the informant's message and click "Investigate".

After pressing the button:

  • the user who was assigned to the case:

    • becomes responsible for responding to further messages;

    • will receive an email about the new case

    • will receive access rights to the case.

  • the status message has been changed to "Open / Under Review".