Each user of the system can create and log messages:

  • directly in the system;

  • on their own behalf;

  • through a special simplified web form.

You can create messages only in the identification mode.

For the anonymous mode - use the web portal of the informant.

Users created messages are called Submitted reports. Submitted reports that have not yet been registered stay as Incident drafts.

Before you can create a message, you must create an Incident draft. Each Incident draft can proceed as a new message to the system. This action is irreversible - a New Report cannot be turned back into an Incident draft.

Incident drafts:

  • using to record any operational information that comes to the user's attention;

  • are intended to collect information before the case creation, especially when such information is important to record, but not enough for investigation;

  • in other words, it is an operational knowledge base;

  • are not mentioned in case statistics;

  • are confidential user records with limited access;

  • only the user and the system administrator have access to them;

  • it is possible to merge in one case;

  • it can be merged as the material of another case;

  • can be used in search of information on figures or other system objects or subjects or attributes.

Create an Incident draft

  • Go to the top navigation menu

  • Select the "Messages and Cases" menu

  • Navigate to the "Prompt Notes" sub-menu

  • Click "Create New Note" in the blank space of the notes table.

To capture more details in a standardized, structured way - uncover more questions by clicking on "Details".


Add all possible involved persons. For each person listed, it is advisable to note immediately his or her relation to the specified information:

  • Witness
  • Informant
  • Perpetrator or accomplice
  • Victim or someone close to the victim

To change the name of the note - click on it and make the necessary changes in the yellow field for changes.

Add files by dragging them to the specified area or by using the dialogue box.

Select the location of the incident - the appropriate country and unit of the company

Define the category of the violation, choosing from a standard list.

Indicate the relevance of the information over time.

Specify your attitude towards the information.


To save notation click "Save draft".

Send memo

  • Create a new memo or open an existing memo.

  • Click the Register button to create a new service message.


  • open the memo table and click on the memo logging icon in the row of the corresponding record.

What happens after a service message is logged?

Each new service message enters the response system in the same way as any other whistleblower message:

  • information sufficiency check, classification, prioritization, and further review.

  • then it goes to the analyst (if any) and the coordinator for review.

  • it has a restricted access mode: first, only the analyst and coordinator have access to the message; later, the responsible case manager.

    • The author of the message gets access to the case with the rights of the informant, despite the fact that he is an authorized user of the system.

    • If it is necessary to give the author of the message more rights in the case - it is necessary to add him to the team of the case.

  • requires an appropriate response within the prescribed time frame and according to the rules, apply to other whistleblower communications.