Three things guarantee your anonymity and confidentiality.

The first is OUR AUTONOMY.

We don't depend on the owners, management, security services and any other employees of your company. Our autonomy allows us to call things by their proper names and not deviate from the main task of our company - preservation of your anonymity and confidentiality.

The second is OUR PROTECTION.

We are humans too, and, like you, we are worried about the safety of our health and life. Accordingly, the best way to protect yourself is to know nothing and not be technically able to learn something. "Zero-knowledge policy" is the principle we used when we came up with the architecture of our system.

In our system, information is distributed. We can only know a grain that is visible at the stage of registration of a message, and we did our best to prevent such information from being stored somewhere. We have no access to everything else.

This is the guarantee of our security and, at the same time, your anonymity. For more details, see the answer to the question "What information does Ethicontrol know about the company?" and check the Security section.


Probably, this should come first.

On the one hand, if the informant himself violates simple rules of information security, there can be no guarantees. To remain anonymous, whistleblowers must strictly adhere to the rules. Our recommendations are listed in the Security section.

On the other hand, as an IT company, we take our own information security very seriously. That is why we select only contractors certified according to the best international standards, make every effort to maintain various encryption and security systems, and implement best practices in our own processes.